Month: October 2020

  Lease to purchase homes are homes that give you the option to buy the house after a certain period, usually you are required to buy the house after 3 years or so. These type of homes came into the market after the 2007 to 2008 financial market crush because most home buyers could not […]
Houses for rent to own are always have a high demand. This is because not many of these houses are found in the market. Unlike home sales rent to own houses give you the advantage of moving and staying in an area that you like without fully committing to buy the house. It is one […]
  Most people would love to live in a particular house or neighborhood but their stumbling block many be that they have bad credit or have no money to pay a down payment. Rent to own homes remove these two stumbling blocks if you are one of those people. When you are looking for a non-traditional […]
Conventional and FHA loans are the two most popular types of mortgage loans in the country Over 70% of the mortgages that are issued are conventional loans, this is because conventional loans have a higher limit than FHA loan. In this article I am going to highlight the main differences between conventional vs FHA loan […]
What Is A FHA Mortgage Loan? This is a government backed mortgage which is issued by the Federal Housing Administration, or also known as FHA. This type of loan was designed for first time home buyers with minimum credit score and those who may not have the 20% down payment that conventional loans require. Most […]
There are first-time home buyer programs out there that will actually Grant you down payment money that may or may not be free money. You need to find a buyer agent to help you out with that. If you start out looking for a lender you may or may not be lucky in finding a […]
The house you are looking to buy maybe one of the biggest investments you will ever make in your lifetime. This is because of the amount of money, time, and effort that will be involved, it is imperative to ensure that the property is worth the expenditure. A number of people tend to focus on […]