Month: December 2020

When you have a credit score 300-629 you are regarded by most lenders as someone with bad credit, although your credit score may keep you from getting a great APR it is possible to get a loan with bad credit. I am going to explain how to get a loan with bad credit in this […]
Starting a business can be a very hard process, statistics say that 90% of the new businesses fail in their first year of operations. The main reason for this is financing. Most of the financial institutions do not lend money to new businesses because they fear that they may go under before paying back the […]
Having bad credit means you have a low credit score or a short credit history, if you are paying your bills late or not paying at all this can be the cause of a bad credit rating. It does not necessarily mean that you can not apply for a personal loan with bad credit. There […]
If you are looking into buying a house you may want to know all the costs that are associated with this process. There is nothing as boring as being caught off guard, by a certain bill that you had not budgeted for. That is why it is a good idea to know how much are […]