Month: February 2021

Bad credit on your report can cause you to lose out of so many things, for example you are looking for an apartment to rent and your potential landlord does a credit check, when they find bad credit you may lose out of getting the apartment that you want to rent. It may also be […]
When you have bad credit finding an apartment to rent may be very difficult, This is because most of the property management companies may look at your credit history and when they find out that you have bad credit you may not get the house you desire. Having bad credit but good rental history can […]
Bad credit is when you borrowed money but fail to pay back the loan or did not make the required payments on time. When you do not repay your debt, the bank or credit union will notify the credit reporting agency that you did not pay the money agreed on in the loan contract. This […]
Having bad credit may cause you problems if you are looking for an apartment to rent. Most property management companies will look at your credit history to see if you pay your bills in time. We are going to discuss how can you move into an apartment with bad credit, you will find 3 easy […]
Bad credit can make your life very difficult some times, it can be very hard for you to do anything if you have poor credit. You make find it difficult to get a loan or even buy a car. Your credit history can cause a number of problems for you. I am going to share […]