How Do I Rent A House With Bad Credit? – 4 Tips

How Do I Rent A House With Bad CreditBad credit can make your life very difficult some times, it can be very hard for you to do anything if you have poor credit. You make find it difficult to get a loan or even buy a car. Your credit history can cause a number of problems for you.

I am going to share with you 4 tips on how you can rent a house with bad credit. Most landlords check your credit history this is to check if you pay your bills on time. Doing the following things can increase your chances of getting the rental unit you want

1. Find a Roommate or Co-Signer

You can ask a friend or relative who has a good credit to share the apartment with you this way you can have them have their names on the lease because of their good credit.

Doing this will need you to pay your rent on time since not doing so will affect your roommate who in this case will be your friend or relative. This method will also help you work on your credit.

You can also get a co-signer who will sign the rental agreement with you but they won’t be living with you in the apartment, they will agree to pay your rent in case you default on your payments but this does not mean you have to default on your rental payments.

This will provide the landlord with assurance that they will get their money.

2.Look for Property Owners who do not Check you Credit History

This is the best way of finding a house when you have bad credit, if you go for apartments which are owned by large companies they will definitely check your credit history and you might be turned down if you have poor credit.

You must look for rental properties that are listed by the owner. These landlords most of the times do not check your rental history or your credit history. Some landlords may be willing to take a risk with you even when you have bad credit. You must be honest and show that you are willing to work on your credit.

3. Get references from previous landlords

It is always good to be in good books with your current landlord which can help you in times like these. Your previous landlord can write a letter for you detail how much of a good tenant you are and how you pay your rent on time.

This will help the potential landlord to trust you, you can always use this as a reference letter when they check your credit history

This will show them that you have bad credit but you are a responsible tenant who pays their rent on time.

4. Pay in Advance

It is mandatory to pay one month in advance and also a security deposit but in this case you can always pay 4 to 6 months in advance or even offer to pay a bigger security deposit than other renters.

The best thing to do is also make automatic rent payments, which will have your rent payments being deducted automatically from your account giving extra assurance to your landlord that you are going to pay your rent in time.


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