Is Bad Credit A Criminal Offence?

Bad credit is when you borrowed money but fail to pay back the loan or did not make the required payments on time. When you do not repay your debt, the bank or credit union will notify the credit reporting agency that you did not pay the money agreed on in the loan contract.

This will then be listed as bad credit on your credit history. Many people wonder is bad credit a criminal offence? I am going to answer this below.

  • Is Bad Credit A Criminal Offence? It is not a criminal offense to borrow money and not be able to pay it back unless you are nailed on some kind of fraudulent activity. This can be a case of you knowing that you can not pay the debt and you decide to go out on a spending spree and max out all your credit cards , this might be considered fraud. How ever let us say you have a couple of credit cards and you been using them for a while, In this process you lose your job, which you then start living off the cards hoping to find a job and your debts are slowly grow and eventually you fail to pay anymore. That’s not fraud.


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