Can You Move Into An Apartment With Bad Credit?

Having bad credit may cause you problems if you are looking for an apartment to rent. Most property management companies will look at your credit history to see if you pay your bills in time.Can You Move Into An Apartment With Bad Credit?

We are going to discuss how can you move into an apartment with bad credit, you will find 3 easy steps for you to do so in this article.

This is what you should do if your credit is poor:

1.Find a Roommate

Like I mentioned above most landlords will do a credit check for them to determine how much of a financial risk you can pose to them and having bad credit may in some cases cause you to fail to get the apartment you have an interest in.

The best way to avoid being in this kind of situation is to look for a friend or relative who might be interested in splitting the rent with you. This person must have good credit which will enable them to be approved for this particular property.

Doing this will give you time to also work on your credit, but you are not supposed to default on your rental payments since this may cause problems between you and your friend.

2.Look For Individual Landlords

It is always a good idea not to go for apartment complexes that are owned by property management companies, these companies in most cases will look at your credit history. Which in your case will make them find the bad credit.

On the other hand if you find apartments that are owned by individual landlords they may not even look at your credit history in some cases.

Some landlords may be willing to give you a chance if you are honest with them in the beginning this trust can also be cemented by a reference letter from your previous landlord. This letter can detail how you are an honest tenant and have never defaulted in your rental payments.

You can also tell your potential landlord how you are willing to work on your credit and even propose to pay some months in advance in rent. This will give them assurance that you are going to pay your rent.

You can find individual landlords on Facebook marketplace groups or even on craiglist.

3.Show Solid Income Proof

When you have poor credit but have proof that you get income monthly that is enough to cover your expenses and your rentals, this may make your potential landlord feel better about you as their future tenant and your ability to pay your rent in time.

The best way of doing this is making sure that when ever you are applying for an apartment you have to have proof of income ready to show the landlord even if they do not ask for it.

This can be in the form of tax returns or a letter from your employer which verify your employment status and your income. You can always ask to have your rent automatically deducted from your account which can also assure your landlord that they will get their rent on time.

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